Room Facilities

  • Air conditioning in all rooms
  • Rooms available in which smoking is never permitted
  • Television in rooms, 30+ DSTV satellite channels
  • Small pets welcome by prior arrangement

On-site Facilities

  • Secure and convenient parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Braai (BBQ) area

Local Facilities

  • Bar nearby
  • Cycling trails close by
  • Shopping nearby
  • Wine route nearby
  • Kokerboom (Quiver tree) route and nursery nearby

The Overlook is green.

Kitchen food scraps are anaerobically composted into highly enriched organic soil. Grey water and biological waste are digested with Bokashi microorganisms to achieve an environmentally friendly effluent with biodigesters, creating no greenhouse gasses.

Odors and harmful pathogens are eradicated. All-natural microbiology is the catalyst, making a positive environmental difference by substantially reducing our carbon footprint. For additional information go to SDC Probiotics

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